Registering a Business Name

 Companies House is responsible for company registration in Great Britain.  Their main functions are to:

  • Incorporate and dissolve companies
  • Examine and store company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation
  • Make this information available to the public


Key services

  • Web Check- free search index enabling you to search for information on more than 2 million companies.  This feature can also be used to check the availability potential company names.
  • Web Filing- file your company’s annual return, annual accounts, director/secretary changes and other information
  • Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)-  unique web address representing companies registered on its database. Entering the URI in your browser will return basic details for that company if you enter their registration number at the end of the web address, for example
  • Information Centres- they have information centres in Cardiff, London, Edinburgh and Northern Ireland where people can go and talk to their advisors.
  • Free Mobile App- can search over 2 million companies registered with Companies House and monitor your own company accounts. It is available to download from the Apple App store and an Android version is currently being developed.



Take a look at Companies House to review their fees and charges.

TIP: Registering company names, filing accounts, or submitting forms online through the Companies House website is relatively cheaper than completing paper versions.